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Using your Calendar to be Productive

Let’s be honest. Once you start operating your business, you realize how fast time flies. Especially if you prepare annual budgets. It seems just as you get into your fiscal year, you are already preparing next year’s budget. Not to mention, preparing for summer vacations, Christmas parties, quarterly off-sites, and targeting recurring contracts or RFP proposals. Next thing you know, years have passed by and you are looking backwards. 

One way to get a handle on your time to make sure you are as productive as possible is to manage your calendar – a tactic called Time Blocking. 

Time Blocking ensures you are effectively allocating your most precious asset – time. There are several Reasons to Time Block your Calendar, but If I could summarize one important one, it’s to ensure you execute on the things you need to, but don’t necessarily gravitate towards taking action on. 

Whether that be tax payment instalments, payroll deadlines, weekly sales meetings, or having dinner with your spouse – putting them into the calendar ensures you are committing to the action, and that you actively do it. 

“Do vs Due” – there is an important distinction between these two words that will impact your business results.  Most businesses set Due dates.  We set dates when things need to be done, and most often, employees work on things last minute with a high probability that they missed the deadline altogether, and things get delayed. Time elapses, and we don’t have the urgency we should. 

Replace Due with Do. Set the date in the calendar when the work is to be done, and if scheduled right, you will complete things on time, and with the urgency your business needs to be ahead of the competition. Use these Scheduling Tips to learn how to manage your work!

Getting in the habit of using your calendar to ensure your effectively using your time wisely, will ensure you keep the urgency on your business, so that when business activities start to repeat (think budgeting) you will look back and realize you accomplished everything you planned too!

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