Developing a Performance Based Culture

Developing a Performance Based Culture

We recognize that not all things are equal, and certain methods work better than others for some
businesses. That’s why at Star Advising Group, we have tailored our services to fit your needs with the
same purpose in mind – to improve your business!

In our Developing a Performance Based Culture course, we’ll walk you through the foundation of organizational structure that is initially required to be developed, then guide you through the components required to build a performance plan, and complete your training by reviewing what motivates and excites employees in this environment.

All organizations have the same desire to succeed, but only those companies that dedicate their efforts to focus on providing a performance based culture have exceptional workplaces where employees love to come to work each and every day.

This course is broken up into 5 segments :



Setting the Stage


Building out a Performance Plan


Motivating Behavior


By successfully completing the course, you’ll have the understanding of what it takes to build a Performance Base Culture, and you will be given the tools and work on exercises that will become the starting point of building your company’s culture into a performance based culture.

To sign up or register for this course, either in a group setting or specifically 1:1 with you and your leadership team, please contact us to discuss.