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Recharging your Batteries

As we come out of Thanksgiving weekend, I couldn’t help but think about the value of business owners taking time off and why they must always find time to recharge their batteries!

I know I’m the worst of them all – I think about, do, and spend time on business more often than I should. When I pick up a book, it’s about business, when I watch a documentary, it’s about business, and when I sit down at my computer at night, it’s usually about business. My business. And my clients’ business.

But since Covid and the reminders of how fragile our world is, and perhaps with a bit of wisdom and age settling in, I have come to realize how important a recharge really is. I’ve seen it most with my clients – the majority of them having to navigate difficult decisions with laying off employees, taking less to no salary, figuring out new revenue streams, and understanding how to manage remote teams. They are tired!

And lately my advice, and advising support has been all about them finding time away from the business. “Take the Friday off”.  “Plan a vacation”. “Have some downtime”.  And in all circumstances when they took time off, and certainly for myself, when I took time off, I felt better when I came back to work again. Guess what. We all needed a break. And more importantly we recharged, and when we came back to work, we were more insightful, committed, hungry, and capable of solving problems thrown at us. 

So as we navigate the tail-end of this long Thanksgiving weekend, I’m glad for those of you in the US who have taken some time to spend with family and friends. You should be ready to get back to work. Just be sure to find a continued balance between work and play that supports a healthy body and a healthy mind. Because as business owners, we have an underlying commitment to succeed, but one can only succeed if we have enough energy to take on what comes at us! 

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