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Evaluating your Presentations

During a recent recap of a presentation made to a potential partner that could provide retail space and investment funds, the management team involved in the presentation wanted to provide each other feedback as to how it went.

Of course this was an online presentation using Microsoft Teams, and if you have ever been the main presenter, it’s hard to stay focused on presenting your material while watching other people on the call, especially if you are screen sharing material. Typically you focus on the material.

In this situation, one of the management team’s feedback was that the audience wasn’t paying attention – and they were losing focus. There were six participants reviewing the presentation. The concern was did they manage the presentation properly? Could they have done things differently?

This is the result of their evaluation.

It was suggested to ask the participants before starting the presentation to ask them what is their desired outcome for this meeting today, ask what they would like to solve or learn, and then tailor your presentation once you know that.

In this case the discussion was very specific about one of their products. But in the presentation other products were mentioned. It was decided not to introduce more variables to the conversation than necessary. Stay focused on the need.

There was a question period, and in this case, when questions were asked, the main presenter jumped right into answering questions rather than pause and let one of his counterparts answer. They decided to allow secondary presenters to answer questions if at all possible, so that the main presenter could recharge and take a break.

Lastly, the presentation ended on the hour and everyone had to leave abruptly, they did not set expectations for the next meeting date. They will add this to the desired outcome at the start so they can be sure to ask at the end. Don’t allow any opportunity to lose tension to the sale.

By sharing this, I hope you learn the skill of evaluating all aspects of your business on a regular basis, even your presentations so that you continually improve upon your skills. Ask us how we can fine tune your business alongside you.

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